Sound Design

An opportunity to explore what theatrical sound design is, how to look at a text from the point of view of sound, how to launch your creative process, and how to take the ideas based on that creative process and turn them into sounds to be used in a show. Students will also learn how to communicate their ideas, palate, and the arc of their design in a way that demonstrates to directors how they will fulfill the director’s vision while embracing their own artistry and response to the text.

Reading/Writing assignments:
This course is arranged as a series of introductory lab projects, followed by a complete design for a short play. It will be a highly interactive class, where student participation is key; students will be expected to take part in each others’ projects, as well as creating their own work.

Enrollment by application or interview. Departmental permission required. Please contact Professor Robert Sandberg for permission.



S01 - Robert Kaplowitz

Mondays 1:30 - 4:20 pm


Robert Kaplowitz