In a universe filled with movement, how and why and where might we find relative stillness? What are the unique aesthetic, political, and daily life possibilities while school as we know it is on pause? We’ll dance, sit, question, and create practices and projects. We’ll play with movement within stillness, stillness within movement, stillness in performance and in performers’ minds. We’ll look at stillness as protest and power. We’ll wonder when stillness might be an abdication of responsibility. We’ll read widely within religions, philosophy, performance, disability studies, social justice, visual art, sound (and silence).

Other Information:
This course is designed for all students, whether new to or experienced in somatic and/or art making practices. The course meets as a group synchronously online once a week. Because of the body-based elements in this class, it is highly recommended that you are able to turn on your video during most classes, but if that’s not possible, speak with the instructor and we’ll figure it out together. Attendance in all classes and completion of all work is required to pass the course.




Wednesdays, 1:30 - 4:20 PM


Aynsley Vandenbroucke