The Writers’ Room

The Writers’ Room will replicate the fast-paced environment of a Hollywood writers room. Students will be assigned to a writing team and will pen two complete scripts with their fellow writers. They will also be required to submit an original work for their final project that they have written solo. It can be a play, a short film, or a series pilot.

Prerequisites and Restrictions:

Application required. To apply for this course, students will be required to provide a one-page writing sample (approximately 500 words). This can be a scene that includes dialogue, a short story, or a blog. The writing sample should exhibit their writing style and can be any genre except for poetry. Deadline to apply is November 19, 2021.

Please apply for this course below:

Applications are now closed. Please email with questions.




Mondays, 1:30-4:20 PM


Maysoon Zayid