Theater and Society Now

As an art form, theater operates in the shared space and time of the present moment while also manifesting imagined worlds untethered by the limits of “real” life. In this course, we undertake a critical, creative, and historical survey of the ways contemporary theater-making in the United States — as both industry and creative practice — does (and does not) engage the most urgent concerns of contemporary American society.

Other Information
For the Fall 2020 offering of this course, we will emphasize how theater-makers in the United States have responded to the many, unanticipated and unprecedented challenges of 2020. Most weeks, members of the course will convene synchronously for two hours, with the third class hour dedicated to an asynchronous practicum exercise. The course will be supplemented with a robust ongoing practice of virtual theater-going.




Tuesdays, 1:30 - 4:20 PM


Brian Herrera