Visualizing the Battle Cry

Inspired by the experience of Black Civil War soldiers, the visual aesthetics of 19th century posters, and contemporary hip-hop, the award-winning writer and historian Imani Perry and the visual artist Mario Moore will collaborate on a groundbreaking new project. Using hip-hop to reimagine the soundscape of battle in the mid-1800s, Moore and Perry will negotiate both the historical record and the idea of what might have been. Students will work alongside Moore and Perry in drawing on language, visual prints and audio to make connections between the 19th century and our own revolutionary moment.

Prerequisites and Restrictions
Application required.


Imani Perry

Hughes-Rogers Professor of African American Studies; Visiting Lecturer in Princeton Atelier


“History, the Remix” — Feature story and video about spring 2021 Princeton Atelier course, “Visualizing the Battle Cry,” led by Mario Moore and Imani Perry | Princeton University News, June 21, 2021



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Fridays, 7:30-10:20 PM


Imani Perry

Mario Moore