Visual arts senior Yunzi Shi presents Alluvial, a virtual exhibition of new work. The physical gallery installation was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic but was presented online. View the virtual gallery at

Alluvial is a show about the time and space between our memories and the actual past, as well as in between the projector and the screen. In this intermediary time and space, light transforms from an intangible material to an image carrying legible information; it is the same process specific to digital time-based media that conditions our memories, identification with the past and connections with the world. Like water, the camera and the projector generate (non)time and (non)space where memories and time are eroded and deposited, corrupted and preserved.

Yunzi Shi studies architecture, media arts and urban studies at Princeton University.



Yunzi Shi’s exhibition was originally scheduled in the Lucas Gallery at 185 Nassau from April 13-17, 2020.



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  • Program in Visual Arts

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