Want to participate in artistic instruction pieces? Want to learn about detournement? Want to watch your friends and classmates perform in Fluxus events? Want some free food? If any of those interest you, come to VIS 219’s final event! We will be showcasing our artistic works including posters, performance works, movies, and more.

Featuring students Ana-Roxana Pop, Eric Schneider, Kathryn Scott, Juliette Levine, Sinan Zhang, Zhengyang Cong, Max Greenwald, William Chung, Ben Leizman, Suzie Jung, Houston Martinez, and Anton Lundin.

VIS 219 — “Art for Everyone” is a class that addresses the increasing social pressure on art to become more widely distributed, immediately accessible, and democratically produced. As anyone can claim to be an artist, the class takes a hands-on approach to the question of whether art by everyone for everyone is possible and desirable.

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  • Program in Visual Arts