Featuring Peter Kim, Christine Mok, Erin Quill, Christine Mok, and Lloyd Suh with moderator Brian Eugenio Herrera.

East West Theater — Princeton University’s Asian-American theater company — presents a symposium about Asian-American artists and representation of Asian-Americans in theater on Saturday, February 11 from 2-6 p.m. in the Marie and Edward Matthews ’53 Acting Studio at 185 Nassau Street, in conjunction with the Theater Program’s production of Charles Francis Chan Jr’s Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery.

Join us to discuss theater, activism, and performance in relation to Asian-American identity. East West Theater’s goal is to increase the visibility of Asian-American artists in the University community and add diversity to theater throughout the Princeton campus. The guest artists will discuss their work, their experiences as Asian-American theater artists, challenges they have faced, advantages they possess, and will answer questions from the audience in the last ten minutes of each panel. In addition, the third panel will be with students who were involved in Charles Francis Chan Jr’s Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery

The event is co-sponsored with the Carl A. Fields Center, the Davis International Center, Lewis Center for the Arts, the Program in American Studies, and the USG Projects Board.

Presented By

  • Lewis Center for the Arts
  • East West Theater Company
  • Program in American Studies