Program in Dance junior Angie Sheehan ’22 is teaching a virtual weekly beginner ballet class that is connected to her fall Program in Teacher Preparation/Dance course, “Dance in Education: Dance/Theater Pedagogy.”

In the 8 week long dance course for beginners ages 11-14, students will learn the basics of ballet and choreograph movement themselves! Classes are held weekly via OutSchool on Thursdays from 4:30-5:30 PM (EDT) in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania.

Each class will be made up of a standard barre and center ballet class, followed by creative prompts and studies in dance. The first two classes will focus on the basics of ballet, including counting the music and positioning of the arms and legs. Later classes will focus on specific topics including posture, balance, port de bras, rhythm, expression, and movement.

The creative aspect of the class will include activities like learning professional variations, stretching and pilates, and creating choreography of their own. In some classes, students might focus on movement, while in other classes they might focus on learning from others through videos.


The class is open to the children of Princeton University faculty and staff. There is one-time fee of $2 per learner to enroll with Outschool.

Visit our Virtual Events Page for more information on the class and to register; participants will need to log in to this page with Princeton University ID.


angie smiling with black hair in striped shirt

Photo courtesy Angie Sheehan

Angie Sheehan spent more than 15 years dancing pre-professionally before going to Princeton University, where she is a member of the Class of 2022. There, she is pursuing a dance certificate as well as serving as Artistic Director for Princeton University Ballet. She also has experience volunteering at her local ballet studio teaching middle schoolers.

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