Co-curricular classes for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester have moved online and are still free and open to all University students, faculty, and staff.

As part of the Program in Dance’s spring 2020 co-curricular dance offerings, Lauren Auyeung leads a hip-hop class. This class series develops a diverse understanding of hip-hop’s foundational forms. With an emphasis on physical techniques, the course exposes dancers to the many dance forms that exist under the umbrella of hip-hop. Through the course, students will understand the basics of hip-hop’s form and will also be challenged to synthesize elements of groove, musicality, texture, footwork, and personal expression in their own individual improvisation.

To take advantage of our unique course offerings and virtually train with professionals outside of course work, visit the Co-Curricular Offerings page for the Zoom ID for this class. Participants will need to log in to this page with Princeton University ID to gain access.



lauren jumpingLAUREN AUYEUNG is a dancer and choreographer based in New York City, and alumnus of Princeton University (Class of 2019). During her time at Princeton, she was an active spokesperson for the inclusion of hip-hop dance programming and representation in the Lewis Center. After choreographing her first full-length hip-hop dance-theater work, “Over-Exposure” for her senior thesis, she decided to pursue a career in the arts. During a summer residency in Philadelphia with Urban Movement Arts, Lauren created her first solo work, entitled “Threshold,” and began making valuable connections with the Philly dance community. Since moving to NYC, she has joined “Concept Kinetics”, a hip-hop dance theater company founded by James Cricket Colter, “L/A/Y/E/R/S” an all-female urban dance collective founded by Léa Ono, and Neighbors Dance Company, a NYC-based hip-hop competition group. She is also collaborating with artists including Marguerite Hemmings and Ryan Wolfe on multidisciplinary projects. Lauren is grateful to be giving back to the Princeton dance community through the Hip-Hop Co-Curricular Dance series.