Feeling isolated? Missing your friends? Feel the need to dance it out?

Join our weekly “Dance Community Happy Hour” series, where you can kick back and connect with your peers through dance and good music! A mix between an open practice session and a party, this virtual space will welcome new hip-hop dance artists each week as “party hosts” to create a lively, comfortable, and fun atmosphere. Music will be mixed by a live DJ to keep the party going. No dance experience necessary. Come join our community!

The Dance Community Happy Hour on October 4 is hosted by Ron Wood.

These events are free and open to all University students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Princeton alumni who wish to participate should email Cindy Rosenfeld:


To take advantage of our unique class offerings and virtually train with professionals outside of coursework, visit the Co-Curricular Offerings page for the Zoom ID for this class. Participants will need to log in to this page with Princeton University ID to gain access.


If you are in need of access accommodations in order to participate in this event, please contact the Lewis Center at 609-258-5262 or email at least 2 weeks prior to event date.



man in athletic wear and sneakers does 1-arm handstandRON WOOD is an accomplished martial artist, dancer/choreographer and fitness trainer. He holds ranks in Kenpo Karate, Capoeira and the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems as well as extensive training in many other styles of combat. A core member of Rennie Harris Puremovement for 10 years, he went on to run his own dance company Zen One Dance Collective. He is also the founder of Positive Position, a brand he developed to embody his over 30 years of movement experience in these arts. As a teacher he is proud to pass on information that was given to him by mentors, learned from communing with fellow artists and honed through trial and error. He finds motivation in motivating others.