Free, drop-in co-curricular classes for Fall 2020 are offered online! These classes are open to all University students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

As part of the Program in Dance’s fall 2020 co-curricular dance offerings, Juwaan Walker leads a class on Moves + Grooves.

This class series develops a diverse understanding of hip-hop’s foundational forms. With an emphasis on physical techniques, the course exposes dancers to the many dance forms that exist under the umbrella of hip-hop. Through the course, students will understand the basics of hip-hop’s form and will also be challenged to synthesize elements of groove, musicality, texture, footwork, and personal expression in their own individual improvisation.


To take advantage of our unique class offerings and virtually train with professionals outside of coursework, visit the Co-Curricular Offerings page for the Zoom ID for this class. Participants will need to log in to this page with Princeton University ID to gain access.


If you are in need of access accommodations in order to participate in this event, please contact the Lewis Center at 609-258-5262 or email at least 2 weeks prior to event date.




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walker smiling in purple shirtBorn and raised in New Jersey, I am a raw mover with a freestyle background. Growing up in NJ, I started off as a Jersey club freestyle dancer who then began entering “all style” battle events with movement training from my God Brother, Rob Bynes. As I studied more under him, I soon developed a love for Hip-Hop and took it upon myself to explore my own movement and apply it to my training. After years of exploration, I began utilizing my knowledge and transitioning towards choreographing as well as remaining a student to dance. In the summer of 2017, I signed to Clear Talent Group NY and have been full throttle with dance ever since; training, teaching, and performing has been primary my roots for growth. My style is groovy hip-hop, hip-hop with soul is my intent so all of my classes provide moves and grooves with purpose.

“..if you learn how to groove, you will learn how to move”
—Juwaan Walker