In conjunction with the Junior Show at Butler College, junior students in the Program in Visual Arts present their recent films in a screening on Thursday, May 7.

Featuring films by junior students:
Lydia Cornett ’16
Cameron Johanning ’16
Gerson Leiva ’16
Charlotte Maher Levy ’16
Grayson Shepperd ’16

The screening will begin at 4:30 p.m. in the James M. Stewart ’32 Theater at 185 Nassau Street. Free and open to the public.



Written, directed, and edited by Lydia Cornett

A pair of headphones has an unexpected effect on its listener.

Starring Jackson Salter


The-Night-Shift-(example-1)-cropTHE NIGHT SHIFT

Written, directed, and edited by Cameron Johanning

The Night Shift follows the story of two night shift janitors: TJ and his replacement, Steven. But TJ is not giving up just yet. He uses his last shift to sabotage Steven out of his dream job by sending him off to perform impossible janitorial tasks.

Featuring Christian Smutherman ’14 & Billy Cohen ’16 with a special appearance by Nonny Okwelogu ‘15



Written, directed, shot and edited by Gerson Leiva

Javier Martin Santana is a music major from the Canary Islands of Spain who is studying in Barcelona. He plays almost every instrument that comes to mind and is capable of shifting from genre to genre without any real effort. Simply put, he is smooth with the strings.


Levy_The-Lemonade-Stand_option1THE LEMONADE STAND

Written, directed, and edited by Charlotte Maher Levy

The Lemonade Stand tells the story of an aspiring novelist’s struggle to produce a story. On a road trip with her boyfriend Cash, the novelist Amber finds herself forced to confront her own values as Cash questions them. Her disagreement with Cash, which leads to a chance encounter with a young girl operating a lemonade stand, helps Amber figure out what is most important to her.

Starring Lydia Cornett, Cameron Johanning, Olivia Rae Sanchez, Carolina Ana Sanchez, and Nathan Maher Levy, with music by Caroline Reese & the Drifting Fifth



Written, directed, animated and edited by Grayson Shepperd

A modern retelling of the myth of Perseus and Medusa. Medusa has been imprisoned on a deserted island for several hundred years, unjustly punished by the bigoted old Gods of Olympus. When Perseus arrives on a quest to claim her head she gives him more than he bargained for. Some stories might look different from someone else’s point of view, and Medusa has a thing or two to say about this one.

Featuring the voice of Caroline Hertz as Medusa




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