Language Reversal: Move Past What We Know is part of a collaborative process about power, translation, and the toolkits for survival. For each program, Princeton Lecturer in Theater Aaron Landsman and theater artists Clarinda Mac Low and Ogemdi Ude will be in dialogue with guests from communities that span from the Lower East Side to Serbia, Nigeria, Australia and beyond, all of whom have been subject to authoritarian turns.

On March 8, Melbourne-based artist Amrita Hepi and New York City-based Princeton alum Ogemdi Ude ’16 investigate the choreographies of our every day. Through a virtual call and response, they consider how the shifting conditions of Black and Indigenous lives lead them to reorganize their creative skill sets and move through uprisings towards utopias. Together, Hepi and Ude find the dances embedded in their everyday to reveal remixed opportunities for intimacy, play, and maybe one day, progress.


Free ticket/RSVP required to receive the link to the performance, which will be sent at 12:00 PM (ET) on the day of the event. View reservations info through Abrons Art Center