L’Avant-Scène presents La Double Inconstance (1723), one of Marivaux’s most beloved comedies. Enchanted by the ingenuous charms of a peasant girl, Silvia, a young Prince, Lélio, vows to make her his queen. With the help of his courtiers and confidantes Trivelin, Flaminia, and Lisette, the Prince must first “destroy Silvia’s love for Arlequin,” her bumbling yet lovable boyfriend. But the law and the Prince’s big heart both dictate that they must kill this pastoral love story with kindness, and thrust Silvia and Arlequin into a world of possibilities beyond their imagining at the court of the Ancien Régime. In the end, Marivaux shows us that love defies all odds and rules. Just after Valentine’s Day, come celebrate love with us against the romantic backdrop of the Sterling-Morton Gallery in the Art Museum. The production, directed by Florent Masse, features Isabel Leigh ’19, James Tralie ’19, Sherry Romanzi ’19, Adnan Sachee ’19, Donald Della Pietra ’21, Anna Vinitsky ’21, and Joseph Prentice ’22.

Performed in French. Duration 2 hours.

Tickets are free but reservations are required through Eventbrite

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  • L’Avant-Scène

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