Students working in dance, writing, theater, or visual art show their new interdisciplinary work developed through discussion with other artists and mentorship from dance faculty. Performances are at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, March 3 and 4 in the Patricia and Ward Hagan ’48 Dance studio at 185 Nassau Street. A talkback follows each performance. Free and open to the public.


Alex Quetell ’17 — a solo, “Suspenders”

Anna Kimmel ’18 — a trio, “The process of self discovery and self reflection allows for self creation.”

Yasmine Eichbaum ’18 — “I am so happy I could cry,” exploring the point at which one experiences the simultaneous feeling of paradoxical emotions such as happiness and sadness.

Avigail Gilad ’19 —  “Breaking Point,” exploring the intersection of war and family.

Tsjum Jhor Kai van der Horst ’19 — a trio playing with structure and autonomy.

William Keiser ’19 —  a duet with live music; what happens when you turn around and someone is or isn’t there?

Nico Krell ’18 — exploring the line between abundance and overindulgence through the senses.

Dana Fesjian ’17 — a dance developed by robots but danced by humans.

Nathaniel Whitfield — “Dagenham Pigeon,” asking (after John Ruskin), “…how would you like the world, if all your meadows, instead of grass, grew nothing but iron wire…”

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