Wednesday, May 9, 2018
5-7 PM
CoLab, Lewis Arts complex
FREE and open to public

Join award-winning new media artist and game designer Matt Parker and students from a spring Atelier course to learn about and try out five exciting early-stage interactive games based on investigations into climate change. Pizza, beverages, coffee and dessert served starting at 5 p.m. Free and open to the public.


Team: Robert Liu, Alexandra Palocz, Jose M Rico, Ioana Teodorescu
Elevator pitch: Wildfires burn year-round and creative solutions must be found. Command fire crews and deploy Silicon Valley’s weirdest inventions as director of Cal Fire.
Team: Adam Berman, Caleb Gum, David Luo, Yunzi Shi
Elevator Pitch: Earth is in the midst of its next mass extinction event.  You must venture from the safety of your underground colony to collect animal and plant specimens for preservation, if there’s even anything left…
From the Sky
Team: Helen Park, Ivy Xue, Brendan Weng, Kevin Bradicich, Kraig McFadden
Elevator Pitch: Your job in the space station didn’t exist when you were a kid, but then again, neither did the frequent storms that now devastate cities worldwide. From your vantage point in the sky, speak with the people left below as they cope with a world broken by climate change.
Team: Sophia Marusic, Yash Patel, Wendy Ho, Priscilla Bushko
Elevator Pitch: In Solastalgia, you play as a gondolier in future New York City, experiencing people’s lives vicariously as you drive them through the city.
The Retreat (edited)
Team: Luke Petruzzi, Austin Mejia, Josh Murray, Jessica Ji
Elevator pitch: As droughts and rising sea levels make large portions of the United States increasingly uninhabitable, massive population displacement has forced millions of people into migrant camps across the country knows as RETREATs. Lorena Zamora is the first-ever journalist to be granted access to the notoriously secretive northwestern Colorado RETREAT. With only a week to discover the camp’s secrets, she is up against the clock–not just to uncover the truth, but also to find someone she fears may soon be lost forever.

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