Hubert le Roux & Antoine Sabbath

October 4 at 8 pm
Matthews Acting Studio, 185 Nassau Street
Duration: 60 minutes

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“I had never read anything about Rwanda, never watched a show or film about it. When I came back to France, the mission was over and that was that. I didn’t want to talk about it. That episode was the most difficult of all my military career – not painful, but difficult … Because of all the people who died and were thrown away without a second thought. Here in France, we would not even treat animals like that. I keep these memories hidden away inside of me. Those who were with me, they understand. From time to time I think about it, but I try not to. Still, memories resurface when I talk with people who are complaining about the little things in life. In those moments, everything comes back to me and I tell myself to put it in perspective, compared to what those people experienced.”

— Jean Louis, a warrant officer interviewed at Fort Neuf in Vincennes, France,
on October 14, 2013

Paroles de Soldats reminds us of the enduring effects of war on the French soldiers engaged in international conflicts over the last thirty years in Iraq, Rwanda, Afghanistan and beyond. Five actors from the Jeune Théâtre National lend their voices to these accounts, sharing the fear and anguish these soldiers encountered when faced with brutal combat that left no one unscathed.


The Jeune Théâtre National facilitates entry into the professional world for graduates of the two top national drama schools, CNSAD & TNS. Recent members who represent the vibrant and diverse new and future face of French theater will travel to Princeton, among them Victoire du Bois and Julien Drion, who each performed at previous French Theater Festivals, in 2012 and 2013 respectively.


Direction: Marc Sussi
Ensemble: Victoire du Bois, William Edimo, Ambroise Sabbagh, Bachir Tlili & Pierre Yvon

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