At Place de la République, people come and go, pass by, or stop. She and he don’t know each other, yet they strike up a conversation as if the two had arranged to meet without knowing it. They talk about this and that like nothing had happened. But behind this apparent banality, each of them shares and confides their story. We all build our lives around absences. We all have our missing ones, dead or alive. They left us. We lost them. She and he have theirs. They run into them, they come close to them—sometimes they even wait for them here, at Place de la République. And it’s not necessarily sad. Tegento, Anne, Philippe and others…where are they now?

We never fully recover from grief. We make do, live with it, and manage absences, sorrows, and memories. On certain days, we may talk about our losses just like that to some unknown passerby. And our missing ones seem so close.

The reading and show will be performed in French. Reading duration is 20 minutes; show is 1 hour.

A Tribute to Patrice Chéreau

Clement Hervieu Leger looks straight on at the camera. He has dark brown hair and wears a navy collared shirt.

Clément Hervieu-Léger

Preceding the performance of Place de la République, Clément Hervieu-Léger (from Comédie-Française) will read excerpts of Les visages et les corps by Patrice Chéreau as part of a tribute to the late French master director who passed ten years ago in October 2013.

An actor, set designer, filmmaker and director for theater and opera, Patrice Chéreau was a reference for decades. The text Les visages et les corps was published alongside Chéreau’s carte blanche at the Louvre in 2009; Chéreau had proposed an exhibition on faces and bodies in the works of Titian, Bonnard, Rubens, Courbet, and Raphaël. In the text, Chéreau comments on his career and influences and reveals a hidden side of his universe.

Hervieu-Léger was a close collaborator of Patrice Chéreau in his later years and is often considered his artistic heir.


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Production Credits for Place de la République

Directed by: Clément Hervieu-Léger
Set design: Aurélie Maestre
Costumes: Caroline de Vivaise
Lighting: Alban Sauvé
With: Juliette Léger et Daniel San Pedro
Production: La Compagnie des Petits Champs
La Compagnie des Petits Champs est conventionnée par la Drac Normandie – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, la Région Normandie, le Département de l’Eure, l’Intercom de Bernay-Terre de Normandie.


Presented By

  • Lewis Center for the Arts
  • L’Avant-Scène