Princeton Dance seniors perform a filmed program of newly created solos, duets and ensemble works by professional guest choreographers:

  • Jane Brown performs an original solo work by Adam Barruch
  • Runako Campbell performs an original solo work by Rena Butler
  • Natalie Lu performs an original solo work by Christine He
  • Thea Zalabak performs an original solo work by Loni Landon
  • Yolore Airewele and Sydney Maple perform an original duet by Martha Nichols
  • Auset Taylor performs an original solo work by Christopher Ralph
  • Samantha Grayson performs an original work by Jermaine Spivey
  • 13 graduating seniors perform an original dance film by Elisa Clark based on the movement language of Robert Battle: Yolore Airewele, Ysabel Ayala, Sophie Blue, Jane Brown, Runako Campbell, Samantha Grayson, Sydney Maple, Natalie Lu, Enver Ramadani, Auset Taylor, Leila Ullmann, Phoebe Warren and Thea Zalabak



The event is free and open to the public; advance Zoom registration required.

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Read more about the pieces, dancers, and choreographers in the May 13 program and May 14 program »


open caption symbolThis event will be open captioned. Viewers in need of other access accommodations are invited to contact the Lewis Center at least 2 weeks in advance at