The Program in Theater is seeking artistic representations to accompany the piece, All Her Power: 50th Anniversary of Undergraduate Co-Education Theater Project, at the Lewis Center for the Arts in the fall of 2020. Visit the project page for more information.

Students can represent their personal experience at Princeton or reflect upon the history of co-education at Princeton, or anything else. We are looking for a wide range of perspectives, experiences, and media. All Princeton students are welcome to submit. Feel free to send us photos of students, drawings of professors, paintings of campus, sculpture, abstract graphic art, and everything in between and outside these guidelines.

Reach out to Juliette Carbonnier at or Suzanne Agins at with any questions about this project. Submissions are due September 15, 2020, to Suzanne Agins at If you make something which cannot be submitted digitally, reach out for further instructions! If you’re looking for a creative project in these quarantined times, we would appreciate submissions as soon as you are able to send something in. But, if the state of the world has got you down, no rush.

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