The Programs in Theater and Music Theater present a participatory musical, The Universe is a Small Hat, written, composed and directed by 2018-2020 Princeton Arts Fellow César Alvarez.

The Universe is a Small Hat is a multi-player participatory musical about a space-bound utopian collective of sentient humanoid AIs who rescue a group of human refugees trying to escape earth. Audience members immerse themselves as the human characters in a co-created musical narrative about weathering calamity and imagining coexistence across difference.


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The Universe is a Small Hat employs the radical tactics of speculative science fiction and musical theater to create a playspace for collective imagining. The piece asks us to question the future we have written for ourselves, to fundamentally reposition ourselves in relation to the nonhuman world, and to play at world-making in solidarity with one another. The catastrophic questions of climate change, human migration and supremacist fundamentalism are all brought into a space of co-examination and co-creation. The musical asks us not just to grapple with these questions and their solutions, but to embody, enact and sing our way forward. The truth and evidence that we discover has everything to do with the questions we ask and the mechanisms we devise to explore these questions. In this spirit, The Universe is a Small Hat is an alien device, which generates radically embodied musical play. The piece aims to interrupt spectatorship and judgement, while asking the audience to make choices, take risks and take responsibility for imagining a better world.

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