US is the culmination of three years of work by Princeton dance senior Jared Harbour. Featuring a live rock music score and performed by Princeton students, this piece examines the family unit through the lens of personal experience and broader archetypes. Exploring themes such as neglect, masculinity, abusive behaviors, and reconciliation, US seeks to reveal, challenge, and reframe traditional family dynamics. The intersection of color, sound, and movement provide an immersive audience experience that will invite the viewer into the performance landscape.

The cast of student dancers includes Naomi Benenson ’23, Aaron Hilton ’23, Mei Geller ’24, Jared Harbour ’22, Haley Baird-Dibble ’24, Olivia Buckhorn ’24, Fabiola Corral ’22, Michael Garcia ’24, Elizabeth Leitner ’22, Leah Emanuel ’23, Elena Every ’25, Sara Schwartz ’23, Vivian Li ’24 and Camryn Stafford ’23.

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Tickets and Details

The performances are free and open to Princeton students, faculty and staff. Reserve free tickets through University Ticketing; first log-in with Princeton netID to the ticketing website, then browse the event listings for these performances.

Get directions to the Hearst Dance Theater and find other venue information for the arts complex.

COVID-19 Guidance + Updates

Per Princeton University policy, all guests must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to the maximum extent, which now includes a COVID booster shot for all those eligible to receive it. Additionally, all guests must wear a mask when indoors. Dancers will be unmasked while performing on stage.


symbol for wheelchair accessibilityThe event space is wheelchair accessible. Visit our Venues and Studios section for accessibility information at our various locations. Guests in need of access accommodations are invited to contact the Lewis Center at 609-258-5262 or email at least one week in advance of the event date.





Hailey Baird ’24
Naomi Benenson ’23*
Olivia Buckhorn ’24
Fabiola Corral ’22*
Leah Emanuel ’22*
Elena Every ’25
Michael Garcia ’24*
Mei Geller ’24
Jared Harbour ’22*
Aaron Hilton ’23
Elizabeth Leitner ’22
Sara Schwartz ’23
Vivian Li ’24
Camryn Stafford ’23*


Anson Jones ’22
Soojin Robinson ’23
Sophie Knight ’22
Bridgette Schafer ’24


Guitar/Singer/Assistant Music Director: Michael Salama ’23
Guitar Rhythm: Floyd Benedikter ’23
Guitar Slide: Jonny Salama ‘22
Bass: Oswald Stocker ‘G1
Bass: Benjamin Edelson ’23
Drums: AJ Kawcyznski ‘22
Keyboard: Oliver Effron ‘23
Tenor Sax: Evan DeTurk ‘23
Alto Sax: Preston Lust ‘23
Violin: Emiri Morita ’22
Violin: Isabel Kingston ’24
Viola: Andrew Jung ‘25
Cello: Mika Hyman ’22
French Horn 1: Selena Hostetler ’23
French Horn 2: Ned Furlong ’22
Creative Consultant: Sophie Singletary ‘23

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  • Program in Dance

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