Join us for an all-Princeton campus & community happening! Look for the tents! All-invited, family-friendly, alma-mater-blind, all-species (ticks stay home, please), and highly interactive. Free and open to the public.

wE-unions is comprised of five projects on different subjects related to land, space, social justice, community, ecology, the environment, and Princeton. Each project is designed, organized, and performed by students in the spring 2015 Atelier course, “Performing Environmental Stories,”  led by professors Jenny Price and Kelly Baum. Cosponsored by the Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton-Mellon Initiative, Princeton Environmental Institute, and the Office of Sustainability.

  • Welcome Station
  • Red Solo Cup Exploratorium
  • (Un)just Des(s)erts: A Cooking Contest
  • Fitz and Randolph Investment Co.
  • “A Sense of Where You Are: An Audio Tour”
  • PU-Rade at 7:30 p.m.

Visitors will start at the Welcome Station where every participant will be given a wristband for showing up. One of the projects, the “Red Solo Cup Exploratorium,” takes the form of a children’s museum staffed by enthusiastic guides. Through playful games, this project reconstructs the cradle-to-grave life of an (extra)ordinary red solo cup. “A Sense of Where You Are: An Audio Tour” chronicles the past and present history of five sites on campus: Poe Field, Firestone Plaza, Streicker Bridge, Scudder Plaza, and Prospect Gardens. The stories and histories of these sites are narrated through podcasts that gather interviews with Princeton students, faculty, staff, and alumni, including University Architect Ron McCoy, author John McPhee, and many others. “Fitz and Randolph Investments Co.” takes the form of a two-person theatrical event on the subject of corporate “green-washing” and sustainable investment practices. “(Un)-Just De(s)serts: A Cooking Contest” is presented as a variation on a typical cooking competition and is designed to dramatize the disparities in access to healthy, affordable food. Contestants and judges will be drawn from the audience. The “PU-Rade” starts at 7:30 p.m. and will circumnavigate the event area and proceed through the Frist Campus Center, celebrating the end of wE-unions and disposing of the trash generated by the event.

Guests are invited to arrive at any time and visit each of the projects on their own timetable. Visitors are encouraged to participate!

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Presented By

  • Princeton-Mellon Initiative
  • Office of Sustainability
  • Princeton Atelier
  • Princeton Environmental Institute
  • Princeton University Art Museum