How do you think Hamlet felt about the ending of his play? If he had a chance to talk things out with Will, how do you think that conversation would go? When both character and author have agency over how the story gets told, do you think they both become characters or do they both become authors?

[Work in Progress], a new play by Senior Ross Barron, engages with questions of love, loss, and death. Artie, an author, and Allen, his character, find themselves at odds in how they think their story should end. Allen will do everything he can to change the fate that has been written for him, and Artie will try to stop him because that’s not how it happened. What neither of them realize is that it’s not really even up to them, it’s up to the woman they both love.

[Work in Progress] will have three free performances at Theater Intime: 8:00pm on April 28th, and 2:00pm/8:00pm on April 29th. There will also be a read-through on April 27th in the Berlind Theatre Rehearsal Room at 8:00pm.

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