August 14, 2014

NYFA Spotlights Lewis Center Fellowships

Lewis Center for the Arts Chair Michael Cadden recently spoke with Eric Narburgh of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) about the Hodder Fellowship and the Fellowships in the Creative and Performing Arts. The Q&A includes some instructive information for prospective applicants, history about the fellowships, and some reflections on the role the arts fellows play in the broader cultural context of the Princeton campus.

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“Our fellowship programs bring to campus some of the energy, vision and innovation often provided by graduate students at other institutions, though our fellows are just a little further along in their careers.  Ideally, they model for our students what it might be like to get from where they are as artists to where they’d like to be.”

Michael Cadden, Chair, Lewis Center for the Arts

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Steve Runk
Director of Communications