June 11, 2015

Drawings by Lecturer in Visual Arts Eve Aschheim presented in Berlin

Berlin’s Galerie Inga Kondeyne is presenting an exhibition of small-scale, abstract drawings by Lecturer in Visual Arts Eve Aschheim. The drawings will be on display until June 30, 2015. Aschheim last exhibited drawings in Berlin in 2001 with the exhibition, ‘In memoriam Rainer Borgemeister – Drawings by Kasimir Malewitsch and Eve Aschheim.’

Intimate in scale, the format preferred by the artist is, initially, unexpected and challenging. However, these small-sized drawings evoke an amazing monumentality. Entangled spaces, which suddenly open up to form spaces in between the palpable and the infinite, are a characteristic feature of Aschheim’s drawings.  She uses basic, precisely set drawing elements to build up complex structures within the pictorial space, destabilizing them explosively in the very next moment. Beneath the layered, porous surface something is held in abeyance, with radical linear entrenchments merging and diverging. Blue traces within subtle shades of white and black attract attention, advancing possible direction — fundamental variation embedded in form. She reveals herself as a painter — open to layering colored surfaces. Drawing gives Eve Aschheim the opportunity to react instantaneously, and with multiplicity, to the environment and the conditions of life in the megacity New York.

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