October 6, 2016

Pavel Zuštiak’s Custodians of Beauty has midwest debut at Walker Art Center

custodians of beauty

Pavel Zustiak’s “Custodians of Beauty.” Photo by Baranova

Custodians of Beauty by Bessie Award-winning choreographer and 2015-17 Princeton Arts Fellow Pavel Zuštiak will make its midwest debut at Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center on October 20-22, 2016.

Zuštiak is founder and artistic director of the NYC-based contemporary performance group Palissimo. His works, often described as both human and humane, merge the abstract aspects of dance with nonlinear qualities of “theatre of images,” resulting in multidisciplinary works that are rich in evocative imagery and piercing emotional resonance.

“Drawn from a dark Eastern European dance-theater aesthetic, this Walker-commissioned, richly postmodern dance/live music event casts the human body as a sculptural form, an emotional trigger, or a political symbol.”
—Walker Art Center

“Plunges headlong into questions about what is ‘beautiful’ by interrogating sources like Plato, Pope Benedict XVI, and of course, the dancing body.”
—Time Out New York

Read the full press release from Walker Art Center.

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