June 18, 2020

Dance Faculty Rebecca Lazier speaks on “Performing Arts and Movement in the COVID Era”

Social distancing has devastated the performing arts and changed how we move through public spaces. In the June 18 episode of the Princeton podcast We Roar, Senior Lecturer in Dance Rebecca Lazier considers the impact on artists, theaters and venues, and how we’re all navigating a new concept of togetherness.

I definitely feel there’ll be a deeper appreciation, need, hunger for dance on many levels, on that very personal, I just need to be moving and moving my body, to I want to be going and seeing performances, to wanting to see dance in all of the spaces, not just theatrical spaces and site-specific spaces.
— Rebecca Lazier

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Princeton University is joining other universities around the world by responding to coronavirus in striking and innovative ways. From new, pandemic-related research to solutions-driven engineering; from philosophical and social inquiry to digital adaptations, student support, community service, entrepreneurialism and more — the greater Princeton community is doubling down on its core mission and strengthening its bonds. We Roar features an intimate sharing of experiences by Princeton students, alumni, faculty and staff presents perspective and knowledge as well as energy and actions in response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

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