August 18, 2020

Visual Arts Student Lauren Olson Finds Authenticity, Spirituality, and Identity in Art

Visual Arts student Lauren Olson ’22 recently spoke with The Daily Princetonian about her current five-part series of short films and podcasts that explore authenticity, spirituality, and identity in art. In a conversation with Cameron Lee ’22, Olson discusses the motivations behind her work — exploring confidence, authenticity, light-dark dichotomies, and spirituality — all concepts essential to understanding the human experience.

“I think that creation from that space, of being really okay with yourself, and being able to express yourself however you want, is the most powerful kind of creation.”
— Lauren Olson

Olson is concentrating in the Program in Visual Arts and received a 2020 Martin A. Dale Award from the Lewis Center for the Arts in support of her summer research. She intended to travel to Colombia, South America, to make new work and explore self and family identity, but the global pandemic and current travel restrictions made this impossible. Instead, she spent her summer in Ohio, where she reimagined her artistic goals and created a new body of work.

Watch more of Lauren’s work in the videos below or check out her YouTube channel.

Read the full conversation between Olson and Lee at The Daily Princetonian »


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