March 16, 2021

All Her Power: Translating a Historic Milestone through Theater and Film

The first undergraduate co-ed class arrived at Princeton University in the fall of 1969. In celebration of this milestone in 2019, the Lewis Center for the Arts’ Program in Theater facilitated journalistic research by three generations of Princeton women—current students, professional artist alumnae, and the first generation of graduating women—to culminate in the spring of 2020 as a theatrical event exploring the experiences of women at the University. The students and alumnae artists researched the women graduates, translating interviews into new, short theater performances. Yet as the COVID-19 pandemic restricted activities, the All Her Power teams chose to undertake the task of translation once more — this time to transform their performance pieces into a series of original short films. In this video, hear from the teams as they recount their victories and obstacles in bringing All Her Power to life.

The All Her Power film premiered in December 2020. View the filmed archive of work, review the full film credits and learn about the three generations of project participants at


This project is a recipient of a 2019-20 David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Grant for innovation and a grant from the Princeton Histories Fund.

Press Contact

Steve Runk
Director of Communications