December 6, 2021

Theater faculty member Elena Araoz on inspiration, innovation and making the sky your limit

Elena Araoz, an award-winning theater and opera director, writer, actor, lecturer in theater and producing artistic director of the theater and music theater season at the Lewis Center for the Arts, has spent the pandemic on the frontier of virtual live theater. Araoz directs genre-defying works for her research project Innovations in Socially Distant Performance, which recently received a Keller Center innovation award. In the latest installment of Princeton University’s “What I think” series, she reflects on how theater must continuously change to be in conversation with the now, how the Lewis Center is turning the theater and music theater audition process on its head, teaching at Princeton, truth, beauty, risk-taking, wonder and more.

I’m really invested in the theater and music theater programs being in conversation with what’s most important on the Princeton campus.

Read more from Araoz as she shares her thoughts in a November 19 interview with Jamie Saxon.


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