April 27, 2022

Lewis Center for the Arts announces new Student Advisors

Seven students are named new Lewis Center Student Advisors for the 2022-23 academic year: Fatima Diallo ’25, pursuing a certificate in creative writing; Tanaka Dunbar Ngwara ’24, pursuing certificates in theater and music theater; Eliana Gagnon ’23, pursuing a certificate in visual arts; John Juarez ’25, pursuing certificates in creative writing and theater; Sierra Stern ’24, pursuing a certificate in creative writing; Warren Quan ’24, pursuing a certificate in visual arts; and Noori Zubieta ’24, pursuing a certificate in the visual arts film track.

They join a team of ten returning student advisors including Eliyana Abraham ’23 (theater and music theater), Julien Alam ’23 (theater and music theater), Cassandra James ’23 (creative writing, theater and music theater), Sal Kang ’24 (creative writing), Elliot Lee ’23 (theater and music theater), Kate Lee ’24 (creative writing), Ethan Luk ’24 (creative writing, dance and theater), Angelica Qin ’23 (theater), Jasmine Rivers ’24 (dance), and Camryn Stafford ’23 (dance).

The Lewis Center extends its thanks to the students who served as advisors during the 2021-22 academic year who are graduating or moving on to other commitments: Molly Bremer ’22, Sabina Jafri ’24, Maya Keren ’22, Samm Lee ’22, and Manar Talab ’23.

The Lewis Center Student Advisors program was established to respond to the needs of students interested in participating in the arts at all levels, from dabbling to deep involvement—particularly BIPOC students or students of other underrepresented identities—who might feel deterred from taking full advantage of Lewis Center course offerings and events by uncertainties about such things as: application procedures, balancing workload, what kind of artistic expression is valued, or what kind of arts background is needed to engage in artistic expression. The program also provides mentorship for current LCA students who might feel in need of advice, fellowship, or support.

In recognition of the valuable role the student advisors play, these are paid hourly positions. Among the responsibilities of advisors are one-on-one informal sessions with other students to answer questions, provide advice or mentorship; representing the Lewis Center at current- and prospective-student-focused events; hosting events and other group activities; and attending occasional trainings and meetings.

Princeton students are encouraged to reach out to a current student advisor or email to be paired with an advisor.


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