Welcome to OfficeHours, a mentoring program of the Lewis Center for the Arts and the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council.  OfficeHours connects Princeton alumni mentors with students and early career alumni who seek guidance on specific challenges they are facing in their career and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Find a Mentor

Finding and scheduling a meeting with a mentor is simple:

  1. Search for a mentor by career interest, skillset and/or industry experience
  2. Select a mentor and choose a 30-minute meeting time, in-person or by phone, during the mentor’s “office hours”*
  3. Complete the information section, which provides important background for the mentor regarding the issue/challenge you’d like to discuss and the outcome you hope to achieve.
  4. Meet with your mentor

Find a Mentor

Become a Mentor

If you have interest in becoming a mentor, please complete the OfficeHours Mentor Form.


If you have any questions about OfficeHours, please contact Angel Gardner, Associate Director, External Affairs at the Lewis Center for the Arts.