Committee on
Race and the Arts

The Committee on Race and the Arts was formed to make the Lewis Center a more inclusive and effective resource for students of color and to increase the Center’s engagement with the questions related to race being discussed across campus and the country with respect to its curriculum and programming.

The Committee’s objectives include the following:

  • To reinforce and promote, in both perception and reality, that the Lewis Center is an inclusive resource for the arts at Princeton;
  • To enable and encourage students from racial minorities to take advantage of opportunities at the Lewis Center, including programming and events, funding opportunities, mentorship and networking opportunities, career guidance, and academic courses;
  • To establish a student, alumni, and faculty advising and mentorship network in order to better serve the needs of students of color;
  • To expand outreach to identity-based student arts organizations and to artists and arts organizations outside of Princeton to encourage collaboration and cross-pollination;
  • To host a more diverse array of art and artists at Princeton, including in faculty, fellow and staff hiring, visiting artists and alumni, course offerings, and programming;
  • To ensure that the arts are a central part of the dialogue taking place at Princeton related to racial identity and diversity.