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Hi, I’m Elliot (he/him/his)! I’m from NYC and I’m concentrating in English with certificates in theater and musical theater. I do tons of student theater — I’m General Manager of Theatre Intime and I work with the Playwright’s Guild, the Princeton University Players, and East West Theatre. I also sing with the Glee Club and am a member of the Edwards Collective (a residential community of students interested in the arts and humanities.)

I arrived at Princeton wanting to write musical theater. I knew there were probably other cool theatrical things I could do — I just didn’t know what they were. In freshman fall, I took two courses with the Lewis Center which helped me explore new modes of storytelling and meet wonderful professors and classmates. Since then, Princeton has helped me form some of my closest friendships and most sensational collaborations. As a Chinese-Canadian queer kid, I’ve also had exciting opportunities to explore my own identity and culture through art. While writing lyrics and music for musical theater is my focus (I’ve produced and workshopped my work through both student groups like the Princeton University Players and Lewis Center courses), I’ve now gotten to dabble in everything from directing to design to arts administration.

Feel free to reach out about theater, writing, music, whatever! Princeton, song recommendations, podcasts, fancy cheeses, you name it. Whether you want to talk about something you’ve been passionate about for years or have questions about trying out something new, I’d be happy to chat!


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