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Hey there! My name is Alice, and I am a senior in the English department pursuing a certificate in Teacher Prep and a certificate in Creative Writing. I am planning on writing an academic thesis on Jane Austen and a creative writing poetry thesis on beauty.

When I first came here, I wasn’t sure if I’d pursue creative writing throughout all of college; I thought maybe I’d only take one class until one of the professors in the creative writing department encouraged me to continue, and I am so glad I did! It's been a defining part of my experience here.

Being first-generation, I loved the warm and welcoming nature of the workshops here for people from diverse backgrounds. I always recommend people to take at least one class in the arts here. Even if you're unsure, please consider applying! Don't let the application deter you. I've seen the positive impacts of classes in the arts on the lives of my peers and of course my own.

Even though it may feel daunting dipping your feet in for the first time, writing is for everyone. Writing is more about expressing your thoughts and finding a part of yourself in words. I love writing because it helps me work through my understanding of humans and the world, because it teaches me the beauty and impossible possibility of language, and because it has us tap into not only our hearts, but those around us and far away from us.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about creative writing or anything in general. Good luck!

Class of '20

Program in Creative Writing

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