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Hi, my name is Bhavani and I’m a senior majoring in the Department of Art and Archeology’s Practice of Art track. My recent works have been sculptures, installations, and books. I like working with fiber (dyeing and weaving) and found objects. Next, I want to learn graphic design.

When I came to Princeton, I thought that I would be majoring in architecture, but I quickly found that the program wasn’t for me and started exploring art history instead. Freshman year I didn’t make any art; I did a lot of painting in high school, and I felt drained by a year without that kind of creative outlet. So sophomore fall I took Intro Sculpture, which seemed way outside of my comfort zone (it was) and realized that I wanted to do more with Vis. I initially chose to major in History of Art with a Certificate in the Visual Arts Program, so I can speak to that major too! In the middle of junior spring, I decided to switch my major to Practice of Art. I felt much more invested in my Vis independent work, and I wanted to make the most of the level of advising Practice of Art students receive.

I think the professors are a huge strength of the Vis program. In my experience, professors meet people where they are. They encourage people with no art making experience to see their strengths and continue making work, and they push people to make work beyond what they’ve done before.

Another amazing thing about Vis that you‘re not limited by what’s being done in the program or what was done before. If there’s a technique you want to try, an event you want to hold, or a program you want to start, people are super available to help you make your idea happen. I’ve also found really amazing friends in people I’ve taken classes with and community in the program.

If you have questions or just want to chat, feel free to contact me! Bh

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