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Hi! My name is Brenda Theresa Hayes, a junior from Pittsburgh, PA. (I go by "BT.") I am pursuing a concentration in Comparative Literature with certificates in Theater, Musical Theater, and Hellenic Studies. I enjoy performing, writing, directing, light design, improv comedy, and translation.

I moved around a lot growing up, and theatre/music theatre was always the place I could feel like myself. I work several on-campus jobs – including the Lewis Center for the Arts, Frist, and Coffee Club – along with being heavily involved in theater on campus, and I struggled for a while with maintaining a healthy balance between extracurriculars, classes, and just being a person. I write and perform with Princeton Triangle Club, and I'm on Quipfire!, Princeton's oldest improv comedy group. I worked as a Teaching Assistant with the McCarter's Homefront Playwriting Program. I also have held board positions with Princeton University Players and the Performing Arts Council (PAC).

I feel strongly that the Lewis Center is an incredible program because it encourages multi-faceted artists with several interests to explore whatever they're curious about. I'm so excited to welcome you to it and answer any questions you may have about summer opportunities, classes, program requirements, etc. I am also open to just getting coffee and talking about anything: Shirley Jackson, insecurities, Mesut Özil and the 2018 World Cup, long-term implications of CRISPR, minority representation onstage – I'm here for it.


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