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Hi friends! My name is Cassy James, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be an Lewis Center Student Advisor this year! I’m a rising junior from Kissimmee, Florida, concentrating in English with planned certificates in Creative Writing, Theater, and Music Theater. As a storyteller, my goal is to build empathy across seemingly impassable divides. I’m also obsessed with Disney, Victorian novels, and Colombian food.

Before attending Princeton, I’d never performed in a theater production in my life. But the professors, staff, and students in the Theater Program saw my inexperience as an opportunity, not a weakness: they challenged me to play, explore, and take risks (like taking voice lessons, or writing a musical!). The Creative Writing Program also pushed me to hone my craft, think deeply about story, and experiment with unfamiliar styles. Now, I consider myself to be an interdisciplinary artist, an aspiring novelist and a performer—all thanks to the Lewis Center!

On campus, I perform in theater program and student theater productions, run the online side of the The Nassau Literary Review, and serve as a Worship Team Leader at Christian Union Nova. I’ve also written for several on-campus publications, and I’m the co-founder of Saturnia Arts, a volunteer organization which pairs student artists with people in need. Lastly, I’m a member of the Edwards Collective, an arts-based living community in Mathey College.

Whether you want to brainstorm course schedules and extracurriculars or just need encouragement, I’m here for you! I’m so excited to cheer you on through all of the wonderful things you accomplish at Princeton!


Class of '23

Programs in Creative Writing, Theater + Music Theater

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