Chamari White-Mink

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Hello! I am a rising senior from Hartford, Connecticut, in the English Department and Program in Theater. As I enter my very last year here at Princeton, I find myself coming into my own as a theater-maker. I was not always sure that I would be pursuing a certificate in theater, but I was able to surround myself with people, students and faculty alike, who believed in me and thought that I would be a powerful voice in the program. Although I have always had a passion for performing before I came to Princeton (and continue to perform on campus), I discovered a new love and appreciation for tech and administrative work in addition to design (specifically lighting) and directing. My desire to better myself as a theater-maker pushed me out of my comfort zone and led me to think heavily about taking on leadership roles in the theater community. I am coming into this year with another semester as General Manager of Theatre Intime, a student theater group on campus. It is at Intime and through the Program in Theater where I have discovered the impact I can have on this institution. I am incredibly grateful for the resources available to me that led me to this path and the people along the way that freely give their counsel and support and always remind me of the power of my voice.

I am so honored to have the privilege to be a Student Peer Advisor and represent the student theater community in addition to the Program In Theater. As I continue to look for ways for Princeton's theater community to be a more open and inclusive space, I hope you'll reach out to me with any questions or concerns about navigating through it all!

Class of '20

Program in Theater

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