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Hi! I’m Cody, a senior in the Art & Archaeology department (Practice of Art) from San Diego, California. I spent my junior year mainly practicing sculpture, but I also occasionally work in digital photography, graphic design, drawing, collage, and makeup. Before attending Princeton, I was a musician, and I had no intention of majoring in Art & Archaeology. However, as a pre-med student, my course load is so heavy in STEM. As a result, I decided my major should offer some variation to my studies. I had been interested in the visual arts since I was young, but I never had the opportunity to give them much attention. During my freshman year at Princeton, I took Intro Sculpture, thinking it would be my first and last arts course during my years at the University. I found that the visual arts offered a much needed escape from the overwhelming pressure of STEM courses, and I could not imagine having to trade my sculpture shop hours for bio lab hours. Majoring in Art & Archaeology has offered me experiences and ways of thinking I would have otherwise not been exposed to. I am grateful to have the resources and advisors that I have available to me in the Art & Archaeology department, as well to have joined such a welcoming and enjoyable group of students in the Practice of Art track. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the Visual Arts at Princeton!

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