Eliana Gagnon

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Hi everybody! My name is Eliana and I am ecstatic to serve as a Lewis Center Student Advisor this year! I am native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, concentrating in sociology with a visual arts certificate. Although I am currently pursuing a visual arts certificate, I originally entered the program as a Practice of Art concentrator, granting me access to both vantage points. My artwork is either traditional (i.e. drawing and painting) or digital (i.e. Adobe Suite). My recent artwork has been charcoal and conté crayon portraiture highlighting the minority experience, particularly in the racial and/or religious sense.

At Princeton, I have not only been a proactive certificate student, but have also taken advantage of relevant coursework and extracurriculars. My past courses include Painting I, Drawing I and II, Digital Animation, Graphic Design (Circulation and Typography), Artist and Studio, and Introduction to 20th Century African American Art. In these courses, I increased artistic acuity while gaining valuable connections with arts faculty and peers. Besides courses, I encourage those interested in visual arts to explore extracurriculars. Currently, ODUS recognizes a club called PICASSO (the Princeton Inter-Communal Arts Student Service Organization), where I formerly served as co-president. Princeton also offers unique opportunities to participate in art exhibitions and competitions. My favorite exhibit that I have been a part of was the “Stitching” exhibition, featuring an all-Black panel of artists and curators.

I would love to talk with anyone interested in exploring or engaging with visual arts on any level! Whether you are looking to major or minor in the arts, participate in arts-based extracurriculars, take art courses, or just casually doodle, I’d love to chat with you. I am more than happy to offer advice about managing art in your schedule as well as introduce you to the tight-knit VIS student community and wonderful VIS staff. If you have any questions or thoughts, let’s exchange emails or grab a cup of tea/coffee together!

Class of ’23

Program in Visual Arts

Residential College