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Hi everyone! My name's Ed (pronouns: he/him/his), and I'm a junior in the Music department with a certificate in Music Theater. On campus, I'm involved with music and theater in many different directions: I'm the head writer of the Triangle Club (I've also acted and built sets for Triangle), and I've written, composed, and/or performed for shows with the theater and music theater departments, Princeton University Players, Theatre Intime, Shantopia and the Playwright's Guild. I also sing in Old NasSoul and play keyboards with the Princeton University Rock Ensemble (PURE).

Coming to Princeton, I didn't plan to be super involved in theater–I thought I'd pretty much just be off in a corner writing songs a lot of the time. After auditioning for some theater department productions my freshman fall, though, that changed rapidly–I found the theater community on campus to be incredibly welcoming, and now I can't imagine my life without it. That said, though, I definitely jumped in way more quickly than I should have, and my mental and physical health has suffered as a result–in between tech weeks my sophomore year I was ultimately hospitalized with a kidney stone. I love making art with people, but coming into college I really didn't know my own limits, so I'm always down to talk about the art-life balance and how much is too much in the weird land of overachievers that is Princeton! I'm also always available to talk about songwriting on campus: Princeton is full of immensely talented songwriters in both the music and music theater scenes and is incredibly generous with its resources (like access to recording studios and practice spaces), but it can be hard to know where to look–there's more than one recording studio students can use for free on campus, but it took me a whole year to find out about either of them! Basically, feel free to reach out and talk about anything in the world: the musical you've been thinking about writing, how to balance the LCA with student arts groups, or baseball cards (I don't know anything about baseball cards! But for you, I will learn).


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