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Hey everyone! I’m Ethan (he/him), a rising sophomore from Hong Kong. I haven’t fully decided yet, but I am considering pursuing certificates in Theater, Creative Writing, and Dance at the Lewis Center for the Arts.

Making art during my first year at Princeton was anything but predictable. During COVID, I attended Cunningham classes at 4:30 a.m. for the Princeton Dance Festival. I put on glitter makeup and made a short film in my shower for Sam Pinkleton’s virtual theater performance. In the spring, I made light installations within the confines of my dorm room for an Atelier course. In between, I have presented my own poetry at Nassau Lit readings, recorded violin playing for Princeton University Orchestra (PUO), and participated in several senior thesis productions (one of which was performed in person!). Needless to say, the LCA has managed to find ways to make the arts active, accessible, and endlessly innovative during a global crisis. I have been so lucky to be able to participate in the many different facets of art making Princeton has to offer. I am always hesitant to label myself as a certain type of artist because I find breaking the boundaries most exciting and fulfilling. I am especially interested in speaking to anyone who finds this interdisciplinary work equally thrilling—I can’t wait for our discussions!

Being a part of the arts at Princeton has been one of the most gratifying and joyful experiences of my first year. I am so grateful for the many communities that have been created at the LCA over the past year, allowing me to both escape and respond to the inexplicably challenging year we went through. I am so excited to meet new members of the LCA and I can’t wait to learn from and collaborate with you. Please reach out with any questions or if you just want a friend to talk to!


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