Fatima Diallo

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Hi! I'm Fatima Diallo (she/her), and I'm super excited to be a Lewis Center Student Advisor! I'm a rising sophomore from Brooklyn, NY, and I intend to concentrate in Neuroscience with planned certificates in African Studies and Global Health and Health Policy. At the LCA, I've taken a creative writing course in fiction, and I hope to continue doing so as I also consider a certificate in Creative Writing. On campus, I'm involved with Theatre Intime as a performer, and I frequently attend student art events. I also love reading and writing stories and I'm passionate about more BIPOC and intersectional perspectives in the arts!

I arrived at Princeton grateful for the chance to explore my creative writing in the LCA's P/D/F arts courses and was a little nervous about working on my art in an academic setting for the first time. I'm really glad that I took the opportunity. My experience at the LCA and on campus has broadened and inspired my view of how art (in all its forms) can show up in my life.

I'd love to help you explore your artistic passions and interests and find communities in the LCA and art groups on campus! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions and/or want to talk about concerns, my experience, art classes and events, Booktube, and more!

Class of '25

Program in Creative Writing

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