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Hi everyone! My name is Gaby and I'm a senior pursuing a major in the Woodrow Wilson School and a certificate in the Program in Visual Arts. Within the VIS department, I work mostly with analog and sometimes with digital photography. One of my goals for this year is to learn print-making.

When I came to Princeton, I had never taken an art class (outside of elementary school) and mostly just took photographs on a phone. I had always been interested in photography as a way to create and explore visual documentation, but I was intimidated by the technical elements of a camera. My friend (who is also in the department and now my studio mate!) taught me how to use a camera during my first year, and since then, I can't go anywhere without one.

One of the most amazing parts of the VIS department is the guidance you will receive from both your peers and professors. Since my first VIS class, I've taken at least one class per semester because of the incredible creative environment and one-on-one guidance the VIS department and faculty cultivate. No conversation is off-limits when talking about art — its meaning, ethics, politics, or why it even matters — which is something that has given me the space to learn more about histories and realities that are of the most interest to me.

Let's chat! Feel free to reach out to grab coffee and talk about our interests, see how we can help ourselves, and learn more about each other!


Class of '20

Program in Visual Arts

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