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Hi! I’m Grace, and I’m a junior in the Economics Department with a certificate in Music Theater. An odd combo, to say the least—but hey, we make it work. In terms of my involvement with the Lewis Center, I’ve been a cast member and music director in multiple LCA shows and have also taken a handful of theater and music theater classes.

I can’t stress enough how important it was to give myself a chance and put myself out there. I didn’t have much theater experience before college, but by taking that Triangle audition, attending that music-directing workshop, and signing up for that composition class, I happened upon some of the most decisive, pivotal moments of my college experience. If you aren’t sure how or where to start, feel free to reach out or ask around for advice! Theater is a world of collaboration, and people are always willing to help.

Performing has also taught me the importance of representation, advocacy, and allyship that extends beyond the stage door. As an Asian-American woman, I have been so blessed to be uplifted by my peers since getting to Princeton, and I’ve been given roles that allow me to further explore different aspects of my identity. At the same time, I’ve gained so much wisdom just from listening to other peoples’ stories, notably those that I’m not in the position to tell. It’s become a goal of mine to make sure that more of these stories are showcased, and more people listen.

Apart from the LCA, I’m also involved in the Triangle Club as the co-chair of EDIT (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task-Force) and former cast and business side member. I’ve also music directed and played in the pit for a few shows through PUP (Princeton University Players) and am working on writing a musical of my own! Outside of theater, I'm a member of the Tiger Inn and Kappa Alpha Theta. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out—I’d be more than happy to chat and get to know you.


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