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Hello! My name is Haydon John and I’m so excited to serve as a Peer Arts Advisor this year. I’m a senior in the Anthropology department with certificates in Urban Studies and Theater. In my academic and creative endeavors, I am interested in investigating the ways in which race and identity politics impact the process of art making and storytelling. My time within Princeton’s theater department has involved both student and faculty directed devised theater and community projects. I am particularly drawn to ethnographic theater, which is rooted in my anthropological perspective.

Although experience studying acting in high school was incredibly rewarding, when I was looking into colleges I was sure that I wouldn’t continue it. I was resolved to believe that acting can easily be a mainly ego-driven pursuit. It was not until I came to Princeton that I fully understood the restorative healing powers of collaborative theater. Participating in senior thesis shows and departmental productions, extracurricular and community service helped me to navigate the meaningful intersection of art, service and community. I strongly believe in the use of theater as a space to uplift, affirm, and collaborate with the community within which it exists. I am so grateful for the students, faculty, and working artists I have met through the Lewis Center, who have helped me to realize my own mission as an artist. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding devised work and or partnering with community organizations for proposed theater projects.

In addition to doing theater with the LCA, I am also a member of the Black Arts Dance Company and Shere Khan A Cappella. If anyone is interested in learning about participating in student-run performance groups on campus, I can provide some perspective with regards to auditioning processes and balancing extracurriculars with school work. I also co-lead a volunteer program called LEAP, which provides an art and crafts after-school program for children at the CYO in Trenton, NJ, every Friday. I would love to talk about finding community and purpose on campus, as I can offer my own three-year process of figuring it out! (And continuing to do so.) If you have any questions about Princeton, theater, or anything at all, please reach out. I look forward to chatting with you!


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