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Hello reader! I’m a rising senior in the Comparative Literature Department and Program in Theater, and I'm from Daejeon, South Korea. Coming from a tiny high school with only 50 people in each year’s graduating class, there was very little opportunity to explore the arts. So, while I knew that I wanted to be involved with creating theater in college, it was terrifying to step blindly into the Princeton theater scene knowing absolutely nothing about how theater works! However, the innumerable mentors, peers and friends who welcomed me with open arms immediately quelled this fear and I was able to find my passion for theater design, specifically in lighting and sound. Having learned all that I know of theater by trial-and-error, and from the example and guidance of incredibly talented upper-classmen and faculty members, I am thrilled to be able to pass the knowledge, guidance and most importantly, passion and love for theater to anyone else who might be hesitant to jump right in!

On campus, I began theater with student groups such as Theatre Intime and Princeton University Players, the former of which I am still heavily involved with in an administrative capacity. I joined the Program in Theater my sophomore year and have designed and tech’ed shows ever since! There are so many avenues and opportunities to get involved with theater besides acting and both the Program in Theater and student theater offer so much counsel and support. I would be more than happy to talk to you about any questions or concerns you might have. I can particularly give insight into pursuing theater in Princeton as an international student, a non-actor and a woman of color so please reach out to me if you would like to chat!

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